About Us

Gracefully Yours was born out of our pure love for styling, celebrating and giving people a day to remember. 

Our unique and fresh ideas, warm and friendly personalities, attention to detail and trustworthy service are the things that set us apart from other celebration services. We are confident styling any event or venue, whether you're organising an elegant wedding, fun filled birthday party, themed charity ball or any kind of special celebration. Together with our sister website Grace and Tailor we make planning hassle free and affordable for every client, occasion and budget, with services tailored to your requirements, boasting individual and group items for hire and sale. 

Gracefully Yours can plan, co-ordinate, and manage your special day. We've discovered it's no longer a luxury to have a team looking after the hassle of organising your big day - but a necessity. Get in touch to discuss your needs and see how you could have a well planned, wonderful event that'll leave your guests speechless.